• Etiquette and Social Skills

    The Decorum Group, Inc. was founded to provide meaningful programs to empower, inspire, equip and enhance the skills of participants enabling them to maximize their abilities to communicate effectively, work well with others, make sound decisions and solve social problems in a win-win manner.

  • Community Partnerships Help Us Reach Children

    At The Decorum Group, Inc. we partner with Clayton County Public Schools, Libraries, Group Homes, Churches and Parks and Recreation to ensure our ability to reach as many children as we have the capacity to serve. We meet the children where we are and bring the services to their doors.

  • Community Leaders Serve As Our Greatest Role Models

    Ex-Pro Football play Bobby Howard of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visits with teens and has "REAL Talk" as a method of awareness and prevention.

  • Helping Youth Create Vision

    We thank Principal Lonnie White of Sequoyah Middle School in Riverdale for opening up the doors of the school for us to help teens create vision boards as a means of setting goals for their futures.

  • Partnering with Other Nonprofits Increases Enrichment Opportunities

    Black Boaters of America, founded by Riverdale's Councilwoman Wanda Wallace sponsored us on a trip of scientific discovery aboard a 40-foot catamaran floating classroom where children learn about water quality and ecology at Lake Lanier.

  • Elected Officials Play A Key Role In Our Success

    The Honorable Mayor Dixon of Riverdale was our mentor for our Tea With The Mayor event where our Ladies with Etiquette showed off what they learned and learned about realities of life from this wise lady.


The Decorum Group Philosophy

The Decorum Group, Inc. is a personal training and development organization providing workshops, community activities and field trips designed to address the social development needs of children ages 6 - 19. Our organization addresses the needs surrounding etiquette, social skills, career planning, mentorship and leadership development. We believe that it is through knowledge that opportunities are created. We want to present the social skills, personal development and leadership training that are often acquired outside the classroom. We believe that lack of protocol and leadership skills often creates barriers to personal achievement. We intent to provide a medium that fills the gap of knowledge between text books and success. By providing the tools and techniques required to transition into adulthood, our children will be empowered to take advantage of opportunities availed to those whose thought processes and choices support a future that includes a high quality of life. Etiquette Training for Children The mission of The Decorum Group, Inc, is to promote academic achievement, self-esteem and appropriate social conduct as well as personal development plans for at-risk children, and teens, residing at home or in foster care. As our programs work to develop first-class, first impressions, we will also foster confidence building with the intention of developing leaders for our community. We will do this by providing the knowledge, skills, tools and resources to transition our children into adulthood with the options available to make informed, caring and meaningful choices that will create and sustain a stable and independent lifestyle. By providing this etiquette, personal development, leadership and mentoring programs we hope to alleviate some of the ills facing our society such as teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, low academic achievement levels, unemployment and homelessness.